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I know you are desirous to make money online. But How?


There are 3 ways to make money online:


💰 Way #1: Create and Sell Your Own Products or Services


💰 Way #2: Sell Other Peoples Products or Services


💰 Way #3: Offer Freelancing Services and Have Clients Pay You Top Dollar


If you are a complete Newbie, the easiest way to get started making money online is to offer Freelancing Services and Get Paid. This was also what I did, when I was first getting started online over 15 years ago.


What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a type of self-employment where you provide services or products to others under a contract. You can work for multiple people or clients at the same time without committing to any of them.


You have the freedom to live anywhere with a reliable internet connection and have control over when you work and who you work for.


One of the reasons I love Freelancing so much is because it gives you the freedom to control your time, you are your own boss and you call the shots.


Also, by the very nature of freelancing, you have the ability to make more money than if you are a regular employee because you can work for as many companies as you can at the same time and each pays you full time


PLUS, you don’t have to deal with the many heartwrecking business challenges you would if you were running a regular business.


Freelancing is a hybrid of self-employment and business ownership, but without the troubles.

And the best part? It is highly lucrative!


In the United States, a Freelancer earns over $120,000 annuallyHere’s how much freelancers in different fields are paid 



❌ You don’t need a college degree

❌ You don’t need any special certifications

❌ There’s no age restrictions

❌ You don’t have to know anyone

❌ There’s no preference as to where you are from, no one cares

❌ You can work globally without Visas or work permit

❌ You don’t have to pay a lawyer to draft your contracts and agreements

❌ No hassles, no pains, all gains!


How cool is that?

Let me ask you a question...

If you had an opportunity to start a freelancing business to earn over $120,000 per year, would you take it?


But there’s a downside… And this is the reason why most people are not trying out Freelancing because they don’t have it.

You NEED to use your skills, knowledge, talent, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments.

That is where the drawback begins because not everyone has the skills, talent and experience to deliver services in the most lucrative niches and earn big, such as:

✔️ Writers – (make $40/hr)

✔️ Editors – (make $35/hr)

✔️ Programmers – (make $70/hr)

✔️ General Developers – (make $60/hr)

✔️ Mobile Developers – (make $65/hr)

✔️ Web Developers – (make $60/hr)

✔️ Graphic Designers – (make $45/hr)

✔️ Transcribers – (make $25/hr)

✔️ Bookkeepers – (make $35/hr)

✔️ Online Marketers – (make $50/hr)

✔️ Photographers – (make $45/hr)

✔️ CRM Managers (make $60/hr)

✔️ Data Analysts – (make $65/hr)

These are how much you could be making per hour if you had the skills and experiences to deliver only one of those services – up to $70 per, 40 hours a week means $2,800, in 4 weeks, Freelance programmers make up to $11,200/month. From just one freelance service.

Emphasis on just one service, because you can do more.

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You may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you because you probably don’t have any of those skills.


If that’s so, I want you to read the next few lines, I have good news for you.


But first, let me ask you a question…

Considering everything I have explained to you above, would you LOVE it, if you could swing a magic wand and you are able to offer not 1, not 2, not 3, but all of the freelance services above and more, all at the same time, make all that money?

☑️ WITHOUT learning copywritng or content writing;

☑️ WITHOUT learning Online Marketing;

☑️ WITHOUT Learning CRM Management;

☑️ WITHOUT learning Programming or development of any kind;

☑️ WITHOUT learning graphic designs, transcription, or any of those skills?



Let me also ask you this…


Would you be ready to invest just $17, today, right now, if I could show you an AI Tool that would do all of those jobs, deliver them to clients and collect payments on your behalf without you lifting a finger, except when you want to withdraw your pr0fits?


Just sit back and relax, this AI Tool can complete all the tasks for your clients and you get paid:

📛 Logo Creation: Leverage the immense power of TaskAI to effortlessly design logos that look like they were created by a highly-paid designer.


📛 Graphics Designs: Not only can TaskAI create logos, it can create virtually any kind of graphic needed.


📛 Copywriting: Use the finesse of TaskAI’s AI to quickly whip up stunning copy for your clients that gets people to say “shut up and take my money!”


📛 Write Ebooks; People are always wanting eBooks written. Sadly, they normally cost an arm and a leg on sites like Fiverr.


📛 Website Design: In addition to copywriting, you can also sell website design services as a bundle, or separately.


📛 Programming: This is yet another VERY lucrative service. People hate coding, and they’re willing to pay $1,000s, or even $10,000s. It takes just a few customers to turn this into a full income.


📛 Code Debugging: There are thousands of people who were delivered buggy code by their developer, and they’re willing to pay to have it fixed. TaskAI’s AI will automatically debug the code for you, and the customer will pay you, even though you did none of the work!


📛 Web Apps: You can charge $10,000+ for a basic app. You just need 1 customer per month to make $10,000 per month… Just ask your customer to describe in detail the app they want, and TaskAI’s AI will create it.


📛 Article Writing: You can easily charge $50-100 per article, and TaskAI’s AI can whip them up in just seconds…


📛 Search Engine Optimization: TaskAI’s AI can also optimize already existing content that’s optimized to rank on all the search engines.


📛 Audio & Voiceovers


📛 Transcription Services: You can easily charge $200-1,000 per audio or video transcription, all thanks to TaskAI’s Speech to Text… Just ask your customer for the video or audio file they want to transcribe, and TaskAI’s AI will get it done.

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Plug in your PayPal or Bank Account and make your withdrawals whenever you want it.


Businesses Spend Thousands Of Dollars, Countless Headaches And Infinite Long Queues On Freelancing Sites Just To Get These Tasks Completed, so the Freelancing Industry is a huge market for you to profit from.


🆘 Today, you no longer have to spend months or years to learn different skills to offer clients, Get TaskAI, this AI machine already has the skills to deliver these project, and you just sit back and count your profits


🆘 Today, you no longer have to pay UNgodly commissions and fees to freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, who charge you to use their platform, only to send you just a fraction of your earning at the end of the day


🆘 Today, with TaskAI, you no longer have to crack your head, and beat your brains out crafting profiles to please clients, TaskAI eliminates that hurdle and you own your own freelance business, its like Upwork or Fiverr working for itself


🆘 Today, with TaskAI, you longer have to stick your neck out and burn your fingers trying to beat the unfair competition on Upwork and Fiverr


🆘 Today, with TaskAI, You no longer have to deal with difficult clients negative reviews that kill your freelancing business

With TaskAI, you not just able to offer multiple freelance services without the skills, you get fiverr-like Freelance platform to launch your own comprehensive Freelance and profit maximally from it. Click Here to Experience It Now!

It is 100% cloud-based, which means you don’t have to install anything, You can get started in 3 Simple Steps:



Step #1: CREATE

It’s as straightforward as it sounds… Just enter any name you want and click Create button… *Or, you can ask the AI to name the marketplace for you!




Turn on your AI-Run “Fiver-Like” Marketplace pre-filled with 100s of gigs in just a single click. *Easy As Flipping On A Light Switch..!



Step #3: PROFIT

TaskAI Finds Businesses That Need These AI Services, Closes The Deal With The Click Of The Mouse, And Gets You Paid $1,000+ Over And Over Again *Without Any Cold Calling, Hard Selling, Or Hard Work Required.



It is as easy as it sounds.



You’re Getting All The Features You Need To Create Your Very Own “Fiverr-Like” Freelancing Site



🔆 AI-Run Freelance Site Builder

🔆 Preloaded With 100s Of In-Demand Gig Listing

🔆 Custom Branding

🔆 AI Leads Finder

🔆 AI Broadcasts

🔆 Campaign Manager

🔆 TaskBUDDY Client Calendar

🔆 AI Delivers The Gigs For You

🔆 Stunning, Sleek Templates

🔆 Blazing Fast Hosting

🔆 Easy To Use Interface

🔆 1-Click Logo Generator

🔆 Mobile Optimized Sites

🔆 Works On All Browsers

🔆 Optimized For Speed


You’re Just 3 Steps Away From Activating Your Own AI-Run “Fiverr-Like” Service Marketplace

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If you pick up TaskAI Today, you’ll also get our Bunch of B0nuses designed to improve the results you get with TaskAI. Claim Instant Access to TaskAI PLUS All the Exclusive B0nuses Below, Everything Will be Automatically Delivered to You Once You Complete Purchase.