VidEra is the world’s 1st personalized video creation app that leverages video and advanced artificial intelligence technology to save us time, create engagement and skyrocket our results.

VidEra comes preloaded with ‘done for you’ templates that make it easy to captivate buyers instantly with emotion triggering personalized video pages, video emails & video funnels without any technical experience. Creating a money-making video funnel in just a few seconds.

This app generates stunning video pages, video funnels, and video emails that boost engagement and get no cost buyers from 3 different channels in just 27 seconds.

You can get started with VidEra in 3 simple steps:


Get VidEra now for a small one-time payment.


Activate done for you video page templates to create your video funnel.


Use the built-in multi-channel traffic generator and included video emails to get traffic and make sales.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get VidEra Today

Reason #1

VidEra was created with a focus on all the core features that online marketers need to maximize profits by leveraging the power of video.

Reason #2

You don’t need any special technical skills to get results with VidEra.

Reason #3

It’s a 3-in-1 software tool, so you can create video pages, video funnels, and video emails with just a few clicks.

Reason #4

Create your own videos or source videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox.

Reason #5

Free traffic-getting feature included inside, you get everything you need to create stunning video funnels and pages that actually make you money.

Reason #6

‘Done for you’ page and funnel templates included to help you save even more time and get results faster.

Reason #7

You also get access to training that shows you how we use VidEra to for results in any niche.

VidEra is a 3-in-one app namely; Video Funnels, Video Pages and Video Emails that gives you everything you need to get free traffic, leads, and make sales.


  • Create unlimited video funnels so you can scale your profits as big as you want.
  • Organize each funnel with the simpel folder organization feature right in the dashboard.
  • Add videos to your funnels by recording your screen, recording live videos, or uploading your own videos.
  • Integrate your funnels with your calendars for coaching and consulting offers – (OneHub, Hubspot, Calendy, and more.
  • Easily embed maps into your funnels with no coding required.

Use Cases of VidEra Video Funnel:

  1. LEAD GENERATION: Get More Qualified Leads with Video

Stand out and make your lead-gen funnels more personal, to get more, higher quality leads.

  1. SALES: Grow Your Business with Video

Use pre-recorded video to stand out and create a more personal sales experience for your leads and watch your conversion rate rise!

  1. RECRUITMENT: Attract and Hire Top Talent

Boost your candidate experience with VidEra, to build better relationships and reduce ghosting. Make better, faster hiring decisions using pre-recorded video to screen and interview applicants.

  1. TESTIMONIALS: Authentic Testimonials Made in Video

Happy customers speak volumes! Let them Make collecting video testimonials easy for both you and your happy customers.

  1. AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Improve Audience Engagement

And break the cycle of your web visitors coming and going and forgetting your brand. Make your story impossible to ignore through video, and start building better relationships with your audience.

  1. TRAINING & EDUCATION: Interactive Video for Education

Use interactive video to engage with your students. Answer their questions, onboard and test their knowledge. Scale your 1:1 service with video or engage with your students after class.


  1. Create unlimited videos pages for maximum profits across multiple projects.
  2. Easily organize your pages and projects using the built-in folder organization inside the dashboard.
  3. Instantly encode videos to get pages up and running and getting your results fast.
  4. Record your screen, record live videos, or upload your own videos to your pages.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of videos or pages you can add.
  6. Easily add videos to your pages from YouTube, Dropbox, and Vimeo to ensure you always have the video content that you need.
  7. Add a call to action to any video page with no coding or design skills needed.


  1. Create unlimited video emails so you can use this for as many projects as you want.
  2. Get detailed stats on who viewed your video, how long they viewed it, and when they viewed it.
  3. Mass sending features make it easy to send multiple emails out quickly for a flood of hot traffic.
  4. Send your email using the included email builder or easily integrate with 3rd party apps like Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and more.
  5. Easily organize your video emails using the built-in folder organization inside the dashboard.
  6. Get access to proven, ‘done for you’ email templates to save even more time.


  • VidEra Step-By-Step Video Training

We’ll show you how to get going with VidEra right away, and how we’ve personally used VidEra to get free buyer traffic from 3 channels and how we boost engagement for massive results quickly.

  • ‘Done For You’ Templates

Jump right into the action with ‘done for you’ video page templates, ‘done for you’ video funnel templates, and ‘done for you’ email templates.

  • FREE Upgrade to The VidEra Commercial License

This gives you another way to profit with VidEra. We will teach you how to use this to make even more money.

  • Around The Clock Support

Even though VidEra is easy to use, we don’t want anything to stop you from getting going right away. That’s why we’re including support access, just in case you have a question or need help with the software. 

 VidEra is the video software app you need to finally get the online results you want. To start enjoying all those benefits simply click on the BUY NOW button.


Watch the Demo Video of VidEra


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