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Micmonster is a 100% cloud-based solution that enables you to save thousands of dollars and get rid of overpriced freelancers and audio equipment using one simple tool that works in 48 languages and English accents and works with any type of video creation platform.

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Micmonster is a 100% cloud-based solution that enables you to save thousands of dollars and get rid of overpriced freelancers and audio equipment using one simple tool that works in 48 languages and English accents and works with any type of video creation platform.

This artificial intelligence cloud-based tool is designed specifically for video and content creators, it has the advantage of changing voice styles for English, Chinese and Portuguese. This is an empathetic style and a cheerful style.

The Micmonster app is a powerful ai software that transforms any text into clear voiceovers in 48 languages & dialects in both male and female voices. This is a cutting edge text-to-speech technology that allows you to choose voice emoticons for English (USA), Chinese & Portuguese languages.  

Who has the time or desire to learn all of the tech skills that come with most voiceover equipment or software?

Micmonster is simple and easy to use in just 3 clicks to be perfectly honest:
  1. Login to your account. This tool is a cloud-based solution that you can access from anywhere.
  2. Paste or write your script. Choose the language and speaker you want.
  3. Click on create and download your audio.

This mobile-friendly tool that allows you to use it on devices such as: windows, mac, android, iPhone etc. 

No matter how much time you spend or how fancy you make your videos, if the audio doesn’t sound professional then your video simply won’t perform well. No matter what kind of videos you’re making, audio is half of the experience!

Just ask any professional who deals with video marketing, VSLs, and podcasts etc. And they’ll quickly tell you that solid audio is crucial. Your video marketing is a key part of your business. Whether you are creating ads or creating content, the audio quality of your videos comes first. And, that’s exactly why Micmonster was created.


The Micmonster also makes available an astonishing text-to-speech tool you can easily use for:
  • Sales Videos: Use Micmonster to create quality sales videos for your ads, sales pages, upsell pages, thank you pages, or anywhere you use video to sell your products or services.
  • Explainer Videos: If you’ve ever tried to use a voiceover artist then you know how much of a pain it can be (for you and your wallet!). First you need to search for them, contact them, explain everything to them and then schedule them (don’t get me started on the scheduling hassles). There’s absolutely no reason to waste time and money paying for voice artists when you have the Micmonster software that can generate professional audio in just seconds.
  • Informational Videos: Save time and money while creating your informational videos to share with your audience. Micmonster can transform any lengthy text into a clean and clear human-sounding voiceover in under 7 seconds.
  • Tutorial Videos: Forget the microphone! Let Micmonster generate your clear and professional audio without microphones or expensive equipment.
  • Social Media Videos: Video + Social Media = Gold. When it comes to video for Social Media a cheerful, authentic and easy to understand voice is a must. With Micmonster’s emotion control feature you can generate the perfect voice for your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. videos.
  • Podcast: While you may be able to get away with hiring a voiceover artist for your short sales videos and ads, hiring a freelancer for every podcast episode would quickly get out of control. With Micmonster, you can simply type out your podcast episode and generate any voice you need for every episode for all time.
  • Audio Books: Are you an author and looking to get your audiobook done quickly and easily? Yes! Micmonster is perfect for you to quickly convert your books into audio in a fraction of the time it would take with a voiceover artist.

Quality text-to-speech audio is key and Micmonster delivers the clear, professional, and trustworthy voice that is a must for your videos.


Get the Micmonster today and receive10 done-for-you Micmonster campaigns bonuses:
  1. Email marketing services campaign.
  2. Branding design services campaign.
  3. General marketing services campaign.
  4. Local listing management services campaign.
  5. PPC management services campaign.
  6. SEO services campaign.
  7. Reputation management service campaign.
  8. Social media marketing services campaign.
  9. Video marketing services campaign.
  10.  Website development service campaign



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Micmonster is the talk of the town as it offers lifetime deals you can count on. Unlike other lifetime deals, Micmonster keeps on giving you updates; that way, your plan will never feel outdated and will always be worth every penny you paid for! Click HERE NOW to get started with Micmonster now.




15 reviews for Micmonster

  1. Audrey

    Micmonster is one of my new favorite tools for adding voices to clients’ projects, especially since it’s so affordable and has a lot more than I expected! Micmonster provides hundreds of voice overs that are perfect for any project type

  2. Bella

    There are many tools on the market for converting text into speech, but not as many that do it successfully. In fact, Micmonster is one of the few leading providers since they can convert any text into natural sounding human voice phrases.

  3. James

    I’ve tried a bunch of different automated AI text to speech tools and Micmonster is the best by far. Not only does it have more features, but it has voice quality that is much better than competitors. it’s fast, easy, and always generates high-quality voiceover at very high production speed.

  4. Robert

    Thanks go out to Micmonster for saving the day! The voice quality is much better than competitors, plus it saved me 8 hours in generating audiobook because it is so much fast.

  5. William

    I love how Micmonster releases new features every few months, and I am always amazed by the AI technology that’s used to convert text into voice. It is becoming better day by day.

  6. Nova

    I found the perfect way to save money while making an audiobook. The result was so good that even people who don’t know me have complimented on how professional it sounds, which is pretty amazing.

  7. Isla

    I just purchased micmonster a voice app and I think it will be perfect for podcast intros. The voices are clear, diverse, and easy to use!

  8. Richard

    People have a difficult time understanding my English accent. Micmonster just saved me

  9. Claire

    Micmonster is a no nonsense, easy to use AI Voiceover tool for generating enticing voiceovers that sound like real.

  10. Peter

    I saved 3 days and 500 dollars by producing voiceover for a book.

  11. Julie

    t’s very good, have some great voices and very motivated team to make product better.

  12. Eric

    Ever heard of Speechelo? Don’ buy it, go with Micmonster instead!

  13. Didac

    The voices are phenomenal and the interface is easy to use. I’m a big fan already, so these will definitely be used for short tutorials and ads!

  14. Scott

    Micmonster is a time-saving, innovative voiceover tool that will help you to focus on other things while still delivering high quality recordings. You can’t get an experience before you try it by yourself so please do not hesitate and go ahead!

  15. Luciana

    I’m not sure what I was expecting but it’s safe to say that this app exceeded my expectations. Micmonster has a variety of voice-over styles from deep and masculine, all the way down to soft feminine voices for more intimate purposes. It doesn’t sound like you’re listening in on some robot giving instructions anymore!

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