Copy blocks is an excellent and captivating marketing copy that will compe your audience to pay you since everything done online requires a good marketing copy:

  • A website needs content 
  • A sales funnel needs a marketing copy 
  • A youtube video needs a script
  • An ad needs a marketing copy 
  • A blog needs content

Company blocks is an artificial intelligence powered tool designed to solve all of our problems, and how it can solve your too within at least 60seconds simply by:

  • Login to the Copy block app, choose from over 50 different types of marketing copy that you can have the artificial intelligence generate for you and your client.

Here’s what the Copy block app can do for you:

  1. Guaranteed-to-convert marketing copy such as; general ad copy, facebook pricing test, facebook headlines, facebook link description, google headlines and google description.
  2. Highly persuasive marketing copy for websites and Ecom stores including; headlines, subheadlines product description and product pitch.
  3. Attention grabbing content for blogs including; blog post ideas, blog post titles-articles, blog listicles tiles, blog post intros and outline, bullet point to blog and bullet point to paragraph. 
  4. Marketing copy for sales pages based on advanced marketing frameworks like pain agitate solution, pain gain claim, AIDA, feature to benefit, before-after-bridge, feature advantage benefit and quest copywriting.
  5. Content for company profiles including; personal bio, company bio, company motto, company mission and lot more.

All you have to do is:

  1. Enter your product name and description.
  2. Select the type of copy and tone.


And your product copy is now ready, written automatically by our advanced artificial intelligence. You can also sell this as a service to other businesses that are in desperate need of marketing copy and it is commercially licensed.

You can now download and sell copywriting services to your clients or use them for your own marketing services by clicking here to get started.

Watch the Demo Video of Copy Blocks


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