Clientafinda gives methods that work and tools that are updated then helps you look in the right place, apply the right process for qualifying and disqualifying leads. It also manages the leads you get and get them engaged in whatever service you are rendering; this makes finding clients just a point and click away. 


In just three steps you can find buyer leads in any niche:

  1. Fill in for a far deep search. Clientfinda artificial intelligence scraps through millions of businesses using a combination of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to find leads with amazing accuracy. 
  2. View businesses that are most likely to buy your services. There are over 25 filters you can apply to generate laser targeted leads only.
  3. Contact only the clients that are most likely to pay you for your services, so you don’t waste time, money and other resources on dead leads.

             That is all you’ll have to do. 

This helps you say goodbye to:

  • Poor conversions
  • Less engagements
  • Low sales
  • Low profits.


In just a few minutes using the clientfinda, you can generate a list of leads that are genuinely interested in buying your products or service. Using one of the filters, you can find businesses that do not have a google my business listing yet and help them get that and increase their presence on google or use another filter to find businesses that are newly launched and may need help with marketing and branding.

There are hundreds of such combinations you can create using different filters inside clientfinda to find clients out there who would be happy to pay for your products and services.


  1. Website URL: helps you find business with websites
  2. Website technology:helps your business using shopping credit card for
  3. Domain registration date: find businesses that are brand new or somewhat old, whatever you are looking for.
  4. Domain expiry: can find business with expired domains
  5. Domain registrar and name server: finds websites from Name cheap,, Godaddy. 
  6. Email host: shows you business using free email services like (Gmail and Yahoo) or their own web mail. 


You can also use social flyers to find businesses with: Linkedin, facebook, facebook messenger, twitter, and instagram. 


We are giving you technology used by internet giants. Put an end to the constant search for new clients by clicking the buy now button.

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