Augment Suite can also be used by a variety of local businesses to sell their services. Augment Suite can help demonstrate, market their service, educate their customers and even promote other products or services by creating immersive experiences. It is more than just selling products & services. It is an essential tool to stay connected with your audience and engage in ways that will make them remember your brand for good reasons.

Augment Suite is the first-to-market augmented reality app that lets you create Augmented Reality campaigns in just a few simple clicks.

  • It helps to increase your conversions
  • Lowers your returns, grows your leads
  • Gains your customer’s trust
  • And engages better

Add a virtual layer to your customer’s world and bring your products & services one step closer to them right inside their real world with Augment Suite. 

Augment Suite is everything you need to crack more sales and get back on a roll.

Augmented reality enables buyers to make informed decisions thereby increasing conversions and reducing returns. With augment suite anybody can make augmented reality campaigns in minutes effortlessly, this also helps improve customer experience and promote brand value.


Profit Making Campaign Style 1

Experience Campaigns

These are campaigns used to share another layer of information with the users and lead them to take action. Experience campaigns can be used to, lead to take an action, upsell another product, generate leads, display a 3D image, redirect to any page etc. When you set an experience based on a QR code, it gets triggered when a user scans the code.

QR codes can be added to packaging;

  • Added in retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Print media
  • Embedded in websites

Or even shared on social media to share additional layers of information and lead users to take action.

Experience Campaigns can turn into a media channel on its own that is fully controlled by the product owners and can be modified at any time, depending on the results.

Profit Making Campaign Style 2

Responsive Spatial Try on AR Campaigns

With this Spatial try-on AR campaign, you can visualize the object inside your space exactly where you will place it, thereby notching up the shopping experience like never before! It combines the best of online and offline shopping to deliver customers shopping experiences to ensure they do not leave empty-handed.

Profit Making Campaign Style 3

Responsive Virtual Try on Campaigns (Try it on yourself)

Virtual Try on Campaigns helps you create Try-on Augmented Experiences for objects like hats, sunglasses, makeup, and earrings. Customers buying can try it on themselves before actually buying it. This significantly reduces the returns, as customers know exactly how the product will look on them beforehand. Given that people are hesitant to visit stores and try products on them, this has emerged as a great alternative and an effective way to sell and minimize returns.

All it takes is a few simple clicks to upload your images, some basic information about the product, and get going. Here are some examples of brands using the Try-on experiences in their business to increase sales.



  • 3 Types of AR Campaigns

Create 3 types of Augmented Reality campaigns, including Experience, Spatial Try on & Virtual Try on all from a single cloud-based app.

  • Stores to Organize Campaigns

Organize your campaigns under Stores for multiple businesses that you own or your clients own.

  • Add your own Branding

Customize your campaigns with your own logo or your client’s logo to create branding

  • Integrations

Autoresponder, SMTP & Webinar Integrations to grow your list & business.

  • Deep Analytics

Understand the performance of your campaigns with deep analytics and make corrections to optimize your campaigns.

  • Download Campaigns as a QR code Image

Ability to download campaigns as an Image and use it inside Website, social media, or print media.

  • Embed Campaigns on any web page

Copy & paste a line of embed code to make campaigns run on any website or landing page.

  • Share Campaigns on social media

Share campaigns on your favorite social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, WhatsApp & Telegram, right from within the app.

  • Share campaigns as a URL

Copy & paste the campaign URL to share it anywhere on the web, email, or chat tool.

  • Multiple Scenes, Triggers & CTAs in Experience Campaigns

Add multiple scenes, QR code-based triggers, Interactions, Interactivity, generate leads, and collect payments from inside experience campaigns.

  • Ability to add banners & tags

Add banners to your AR campaigns & tags for the items used in the campaigns.

  • 3D File Support

Supports both Android & iOS 3D file types for adding your product images.

  • Image Library & Media Storage

Includes a vast image library and the ability to store your own media

  • Payment Integrations

Connect your PayPal or Stripe and collect payments effortlessly using Augment Suite



  • Create Unique Customer Experience: Creates unique memorable experiences every single time.
  • Better Decision Making: AR doesn’t leave people hanging for decisions. Instead, it empowers them to make better decisions.
  • Increased Conversions: More avenues to convince the visitor to become a customer and hence increased conversions for the same traffic.
  • Reduced Returns: Since buyers make informed decisions, the returns are less compared to traditional shopping experiences.
  • Increase In Average Order Value: The ability to visualize things makes buyers confident, and they tend to buy multiple items increasing the Average order value per customer
  • Increase In Engagement Time: AR grabs attention and instantly hooks the audience, and increases the engagement time drastically.
  • Combines Best of Online and Offline Experiences: AR combines the best of online and offline selling and creates the finest experience that no one will forget.
  • Ability To Upsell or Cross Sell: Easier to upsell and cross-sell by including experiences at multiple touchpoints.
  • Increase In Brand Value: It makes customers feel that you care for them and increases your Brand’s perceived value.
  • Avenues For Post Purchase Engagement: AR provides an opportunity to engage even post-purchase through packaging, leaving customers connected to the brand



Done-for-you lead funnel

Complete Done-for-You lead funnel Suite for getting targeted traffic, list building & conversions without the need for any technical skills.


Augment Suite Image Editor

A simple image editing tool with all the functionalities needed to create highly engaging images that you can use for the images that you need to create Augmented Reality campaigns.


Augment Suite special Shopify Themes

Professionally designed websites perfect for your ecommerce stores on Shopify.


Augment Suite – Special On Board Training

Special live onboarding training to help you get started using Augment Suite where we will hold you by the hand and help you create your first campaign. This is apart from all the videos, tutorials, knowledge base and support that we offer.


Stock Images Bundle

A huge bundle of never seen before high-converting stock images that you can use inside your Augment Suite campaigns to make it more engaging.

Watch the Demo Video of Augment Suite Bundle


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