This software provides an opportunity for you to update your website in minutes in compliance with the American Disability Act, and as well offer this service to over 431,000 websites in America for a huge payment in order to help them avoid getting sued or extorted for thousands of dollars. Unless you have your website set up a certain way, you could end up getting sued or extorted for thousands of dollars. This is where the use of (ADA) Bundle – Accessibility Software comes in.

The United States government recently passed the American Disability Act (ADA) into law requiring businesses to update their website to enable easy and hitch-free access by persons with disability. Out of over 431,000 websites in the United States only a fraction of them have their websites updated to comply with the American Disability Act. The ADA Bundle Accessibility Software helps ensure you and your clients websites and digital assets are all ADA compliant. Internationally all websites need to be in compliance with the official Website Accessibility Guidelines (WACG) and in addition, in the US all websites need to comply with the ADA.

The ADA Bundle is a cloud based software that makes sure you are ADA compliant right out of the gate by; 

  • Simply copy a single line of code to your site and the ADA bundle handles the rest.

This software provides benefits such as;

  1. Helping you and your client’s avoid ADA lawsuits.
  2. Ranking your websites or your client’s sites higher in the search engines with less effort
  3. An opportunity to offer ADA compliance optimization services to local and international businesses, influencers and anyone with a website from the comfort of your home.
  4. Plus you’ll be able to earn a decent income every month by offering compliance services from the $650 billion disabled market without doing any of the hard work yourself.

It is a known fact that google tends to favour sites that cater to the accessibility market. So, having this software installed on your website and for your clients, you’ll get your website ranking higher on the number search engine in the world – Google without performing any technical SEO hacks.

Easy to Use and 100% Newbie Friendly: All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Add a website to your ADA bundle dashboard by simply inserting the url link
  2. Click to copy the ADA code to your website
  3. Paste the code in your website’s footer, and you are all set up. 


There are over 30 ADA compliance requirements checklists you need to be aware of and with the ADA bundle you’ve got all of them checked. 

This software doubles as your website accessibility and ADA compliance audit tool, which you can use to generate an audit report that shows every requirement your prospects are lacking on their websites. This means that this ADA Accessibility can help you start a Full ADA Compliance Agency, helping you to generate targeted prospects by identifying websites that are in default of the ADA compliance requirement, automatically creating a custom report and presentation with which you can use to pitch your business to these prospects. This is a very effective “foot in the door” strategy to close paying clients easily.

With your audit report your prospects will have no choice but to pay you to help them fix and optimize their websites. And the more beautiful part is that you are not even going to do the work yourself, this software will deliver the project, get the job done, and you collect your payment, easy-peasy. If you are ready to update your websites, help others to do this for a fee or start a full agency business off of this opportunity, you are just one click away. Click the Button now or Go Here to Get More Information About How This Software Works.

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