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  • Website Optimization

    ADA Bundle – Accessibility Software

    This software provides an opportunity for you to update your website in minutes in compliance with the American Disability Act. With the commercial license included, you can as well offer this service to unlimited websites for a huge payment and help them avoid getting sued or extorted for non-compliance. With this App, start your compliance services business. today.

  • Video App

    Augment Suite

    The augmented reality solution comes in a  premium package as it helps business owners give the best both online and onsite experience, increase their brand’s perceived value and ensure the ability to cross-sell and upsell. Access campaigns that make buying irresistible and increase conversion by up to 90%. You can become the next success story with loyal customers!

  • Graphic Design App

    DesignBeast Commercial

    The DesignBeast Commercial is ideal for outstanding design solutions. The ultimate multi-purpose design solution features 6-in-1 powerful design apps that can attract new customers. With over 7000+ ready-to-use templates, large and small business owners can easily outperform the competition. Start out on the artificial intelligence path today!