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Build ANY kind of Websites & Pages (Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Landing Page, Report Page, etc) that is mobile-responsive and compatible with all devices.

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If you have a social media account You can get paid on automation using Appz to attract millions of these social media users to your eBook marketplace without doing extra work or trying to pitch anybody.


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Discover the easiest way to create a profitable online business that makes you money while you sleep & how to scale up your results to from 3-4-5-6 figures/month. (Value $997)

BONUS #8: Web Design Agency Turnkey Business Kit

Web Design Agency Turnkey Business Kit is a tool pack that equips you completely for your Web Design Agency Business.

  • Proposal

  • Mega Website

  • Graphics Kit

  • Telemarketing & Email Swipes

BONUS #9: Movies and TV Shows Affiliate Software

Discovering new movies and TV shows has never been this great, now with the MovieStore script you can have an instant and fully automated movies and TV shows affiliate website filled with the latest and most popular movies and TV shows.


For iTunes affiliates and Amazon affiliates the MovieStore script offers a great way to promote movies and TV shows and earn a commission on revenue generated by clicks initiated from your website, just input your affiliate id in the settings file and all the links to iTunes or Amazon will have your affiliate id attached to them so your sales will be counted.

Do not worry if you are not an iTunes or Amazon affiliate, with different sizes of advertisement spots in place you can promote any other affiliate program on any networks

BONUS #10: Video Quiz Game

An Easy to use system that creates interactive video quiz pages using wordpress.

Engage your visitors by offering rewards for getting high scores with social shares with viral Quizzes.


BONUS #11: Branding Secrets

Discover How To Successfully Market Your Brand Online.

What separates a newbie from a veteran marketer is a brand. Learn how to close the gap between the veteran and you by building your brand from scratch with Branding Secrets.

BONUS #12: Stock Image Blow Out

A huge collection of over 1500 professional royalty stock images you can use to create compelling graphics for your products or that of your client.



BONUS #13: DigitMart

Sell eBooks, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, PHP Softwares, Images , Graphics, Vector Logos or anything On Your Own Digital Products Marketplace.


DigitMart is a fully responsive digital products marketplace. It’s suitable for the digital product marketplace. DigitKart marketplace to sell digital goods like Fonts, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, PHP Softwares, Images , Graphics, Vector Logos or anything, and it’s based on multi vendor option also, where multiple authors will register and submit their items for sale, so you will get commision. It is packed with lots of features.


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Learn about multi-level marketing and how it can help you and your business develop exponentially. 



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Is affiliate marketing for you? Learn trade secrets in affiliate marketing and start earning money without lifting a finger.



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 Chatbox Marketing made easy. Integrate your own chatbox to your business now. 

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Building The Perfect Sales Funnel – Build the perfect Sales funnel for your business. Learn the how’s and the why’s here.


Blogging-for-profit – Write your heart out and profit from it. Make money from your blogs now. 



Email list building blueprint – Learn the ins and outs of email list building. This will show you the proper ways to begin building your list, forming a relationship with them, and getting them to trust you so that they will be more likely to purchase products and services you recommend to them.



BONUS #20: Copywriting-Crackdown

Sales Page Skills for the New Marketer – create the perfect sales pitch to get long term sales.