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Today is the day I’ve been waiting to share with you! 🎉 I’m excited to announce AISpark – the revolutionary software that will skyrocket your sales and create your own AI-powered marketplace in 30 seconds or less! 🚀

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With AI Spark, you can:

✅ Create stunning AI-powered stores in no time

✅ Sell physical, digital, or affiliate products, or even services

✅ Leverage the power of WhatsApp’s 2 Billion users with AI chatbots

✅ Get AI-generated leads in any niche

✅ Enjoy 1-click integration with top payment processors

✅ Build massive lists with autoresponder integration

✅ Drive 100% FREE targeted clicks with built-in traffic feature

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 🌟

AISpark, combines the power of AI with WhatsApp’s 2 billion users, allowing you to sell anything in any niche with zero human interference. And the best part? You can potentially make up to $947.74 daily!

It’s time to completely revolutionize your online business by harnessing the power of AI Spark, the ultimate AI-powered platform that does it all for you.

And to make things even better, I’m throwing in an irresistible bundle of EXCLUSIVE bonuses that are designed to 10x your results in half the time! 

So, why should you invest in AI Spark right now? Here’s a comprehensive rundown of all the mind-blowing features, benefits, and bonuses this game-changing platform has to offer:

🔥 AI Spark: The All-in-One Solution for Your Business 🔥

  • ChatGPT4-Powered Stores: Sell anything, in any niche with AI-operated stores that handle selling and marketing for you.

  • Fire Your Media Buyer: Get thousands of targeted clicks for free, without the need for paid ads.

  • Fire Your Salesman: Let AI agents close sales on your behalf, saving you time and money.

  • Fire Your Marketing Manager: AI Spark markets your store and products, getting them in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

  • Fire Your Virtual Assistant: AI Spark takes care of everything, eliminating the need for any kind of assistance.

  • Fire Your Designer & Webmaster: AI Spark creates stunning stores and keeps them up and running without the need for external help.

  • ZERO Upfront Cost: No hidden fees or extra services needed – AI Spark is all you need to succeed.

  • ZERO Waiting For Results: Experience fast results with the average user getting their first sale the same day they access AI Spark.

  • Exploit WhatsApp ChatBots: Leverage the massive user base of WhatsApp to boost your business every single day.

AI Spark’s 4-click profit system will get you up and running in no time:

1️⃣ Access AI Spark instantly

2️⃣ Create your first ChatGPT4 powered store in 30 seconds

3️⃣ Unleash the AI agents to sell your products on your behalf

4️⃣ Profit! The system works without any human interference

Now is the perfect time to fire your media buyer, salesman, marketing manager, virtual assistant, designer, and webmaster. AI Spark takes care of EVERYTHING for you! 💥

But wait!

If you’re one of the first 49 action takers, you’ll get instant access to AI Spark “5 Done-For-You” AI Stores + Profit Accelerator, with an average user seeing a 225% increase in profit (worth $1,997)!

🌟 AI Spark’s Incredible Features 🌟

  • AI-Operated Business: Start, manage, and scale your business hands-free with AI Spark.

  • Create Your Own Marketplace: Sell physical products, digital products, services, or affiliate offers on your AI-powered WhatsApp store.

  • AI Products Hunter: Let AI Spark find the best-converting products in any niche for you.

  • AI WhatsApp ChatBot: Fully automated AI-Powered chatbot for seamless customer interaction.

  • AI Store Creator: Boost conversions with a WhatsApp-based AI store, proven to have 13x higher conversion rates.

  • AI-WhatsApp Closer: Let AI agents close sales on your behalf, offering a personalized experience that skyrockets closing rates.

  • AI Leads Sourcer: Get automated red-hot, active leads in any niche with the power of AI.

  • AI Autoreply Chatbot & AI Broadcasts: Automate your marketing messages and follow-ups for a hands-free experience.

  • Personalized AI ChatBots: Fitness, recipes, marketing, and more – create niche-specific chatbots tailored to your business needs.

  • Payment & AutoResponder Integration: Collect payments directly within WhatsApp and integrate with major autoresponders to collect leads.

  • AI Email, Design, & Ads Generator: Let AI create high-converting emails, stunning designs, and profitable ads for you.

  • AI Customer Support Chat & AI Reports Generator: Improve customer experience and monitor your store’s performance with AI-generated reports.

  • 60-In-1 Additional AI Features: Access over 60 mind-blowing AI features to help you run and operate any business online.

  • 30 D@ys Mohney-Back Gu@rantee: You’re protected with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

But wait, it gets even better…

For the first 49 action takers, we are giving away instant access to AI Spark’s “5 Done-For-You” AI Stores + Profit Accelerator, which has helped our average users see a 225% increase in profit (worth $1,997).

And that’s not all! When you grab your copy of AI Spark today, you’ll also get these incredible bonuses, designed to 10x your results in half the time.

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Our team has completed the review of AI Spark and we recorded a few minutes of Intrusive, EXpository Demo Video of AI Spark, and Our Custom B0nuses (Not the initial ones contained in our previous emails, these are brand new tailor-made custom B0nuses put together for AI Spark Buyers ONLY – You won’t find them anywhere else.


This Demo Video was almost 100% recorded and produced with A.I. So, I don’t just sell you A.I. products, we use them in our business to make 4-5 figures every blessed day!



Click the link above to watch it, if you doubt me. It’s not my real voice you’ll hear, it is AI voice, sounding like a real human voice. 



==> AI wrote the video script
==> AI recorded the video voiceover
==> AI did the video transcript
==> AI perfected the captioning



All I did was point my mouse around my screen, showing you things, then downloaded the video, published it on YouTube, and embedded on that page you see.



If I were to hire a video script writer, a voiceover artiste, a proofreader and a video editor to work on a 30-minute video for me, I would have spent close to $5,000, if not more, cos each of these experts would charge me anything between $500 – $2,000 for their works.



Conversely, if I were to deliver this type of video to another person or business, that’s exactly how much I would have charged them too, $5,000 per project.


I know this BECAUSE I’m in the business…



BUT there’re thousands and even millions of other businesses and individuals out there who don’t even know that a tool like AI Spark exist.



Those are your potential customers, who would pay you premium prices to do these things for them.



Guess what?



They won’t even know that you don’t know jack! 🤣😂



You’re just super smart and you got everything done with AI within a few minutes and made solid 4 figures. You just need 2 of my kind of client in a month to make $10,000, passively.



Look, if you get access to AI Spark Now, you’re guaranteed of Success in flying colors, most definitely assured! The software has made everything super easy.



AND… Don’t forget our Additional custom B0nuses…


This is the Mother of All B0nuses here. Equip yourself with the marketing arsenal that turns “Ordinary” WhatsApp into “Extra-Ordinary” m0hney m@king machine in your hands.



Open to the First 30 people to take advantage of AI Spark super-power, Today. Click the link above now to proceed.



There are 6 Premium Software Products inside this Suite. The last one (#6) is my favorite.


BECAUSE, it opens up access, for you, to millions of WhatsApp users from all over the world WITHOUT having their contact on your WhatsApp, so you can sell any product to them and make LIMITLESS In’come.


There’s no other innovation out there capable of doing this, than this App.



Imagine getting access to such a powerful invention, WITHOUT paying an arm and a leg… BUT F’REE, just pick up AI Spark Now, and Get this Plus 5 other Custom Apps, in addition to the initial 5 Fast Action B0nuses already added!



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Even IF you don’t need them, they all come with commercial licenses and Reseller Rights, so you can sell them and pocket 100’% Pr0f!t. They are worth $2,997!


Small business owners will pay you any amount to get this Suite from you.


Woooow… Are you feeling LUCKY, Today?

🎁 Exclusive Bonuses to Accelerate Your Success 🎁

Done-for-You WhatsApp Marketing Suite

BONUS #1: Order On WhatsApp for Online Stores:

With this plugins you can create a custom message for redirect your customer to WhatsApp after checkout with all order data.

Also, you can add a button in product page, cart page or use the Elementor Widget for add a button in any page and select what product get with the click.



  • Auto redirect after Checkout – After the checkout, the customer will be redirected to WhatsApp with custom message and all order data.

  • Custom Message with tokens – Customize the message that will be send with tokens to get order data.

  • Elementor Widget – You can add the button on any pages and select which product to get info.

  • Button in Product Page – Add the button in your Product Page, and customize all the options.

  • Button in Cart Page – Add the button in your Cart Page, and send all the itens for your WhatsApp.

  • Hide Price in Product Page – Hide the Product Price in Product Page.

  • Hide Add to Cart – Hide Add to Cart button in Product Page.

  • Hide button on desktop – Hide the WhatsApp button just on desktop.

  • And more!

BONUS #2: WhatsApp Business API

Integrate your WhatsApp business with any marketing platform of your choice. Ease your stress and perform effortless marketing to reach your potential customers.

BONUS #3: Waziper WhatsApp Marketing Tool

WhatsApp Marketing Tool allows you to automatically Bulk WhatsApp millions of customers, Auto Reply for a first message, Chatbot System with keywords or sentences, Sending all types of file like PDF, Excel, txt,… 


Additionally, export contacts from groups. It’s not only a WhatsApp Marketing Software but also helps your business keep and reach more customers. 


Do you know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and the second most popular social media network in the world. With over 2 billion users in more than 180 nations using it, most of them will be your customers if you can reach out to them. The US alone accounted for 7.5% (45 million) of these downloads.

BONUS #4: Order on WhatsApp for Multi-Vendor Market Places

Most customers have pre-purchase questions before buying products, Sometimes customers want to buy many products and would request a quote and ask for discounts.. and they need to get informed as soon as possible.


That’s why we have created “Order On Whatsapp” for Multi-Vendor, It allows customers to contact vendors and chat with them via Whatsapp directly from products single pages to their mobiles


With this App, you can start your own WhatsApp Marketplace and signup online and offline vendor who would pay you monthly to use your marketplace.

BONUS #5: AturLeads –

AturAturlead is a wordpress plugin that functions as a lead generator with CTWA & Form methods.


With Aturlead you can create Optin forms, registration forms, purchase forms, sales forms and also create click to WA buttons only with Aturlead.lead is a wordpress plugin that functions as a lead generator with CTWA & Form methods.

With Aturlead you can create Optin forms, registration forms, purchase forms, sales forms and also create click to WA buttons only with Aturlead..


Features included in Aturlead


  1. Form Builder

Create a Custome Form Builder with the clack and click on it


  1. Shipping And Discounted Prices

Calculate Shipping, COD Fee and Automatic Discount

  1. Pixel Event Features

Event when click submit, succes and redirect


  1. Follow Up Whatsapp

Follow up Prospective Customers Without Saving Mobile Number


  1. Redirect Thankyou Page

direct buyers to the “Thank You” page or other pages after the visitor clicks the submit button on the form.


  1. Payment

Support Two Types of Payments, Bank Transfer and COD


  1. Google Spreadsheets

You can save form data into Google Spradsheet


  1. Rotator Whatsapp

Split Leads into multiple CS


  1. Email Notifications

Send an email notification to the admin & booker email address when the order is successful.


  1. Integration Features

Integrated with fb pixel, tiktok pixel and google tag manager


  1. Operator/Cs

Can set multi operator / Cs and custome working hours


  1. Auto Follow Up To Wa

Can Set Followup on the first to the next five days


  1. Custome Button Color

Can custome the color of the button according to the color we want.

12. Whatsapp Notifications


Notify cs automatically when there is an order


BONUS #6: MyD WhatsApp Delivery App for Local Businesses

Receive complete delivery orders directly on your WhatsApp. Easy, fast and complete!




  1. One page to generate order, and receive complete orders directly on your WhatsApp.

  2. Receive and manage orders and products in same solution.

  3. Front end dashboard for manage orders in real time.

  4. Print orders direct from your admin panel. Simple and fast.

  5. Manage delivery area per Zipcode, Fixed Tax or per Neighborhood.

  6. Manage your business hours. Don’t receive orders when your store is closed.

  7. Your product have variations or extras? No problem, edit your variations

  8. Limit how many items extra your customer can select.

  9. Register Payment methods to receive on delivery.

  10. Show and filter your products per Category


1. AI Spark 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event (Value $1,997)


2. AISpark Social Media Automation (Value $497): Effortlessly attract millions of social media users to your AI marketplace, working on virtually every social media account integrated with AI Spark.


3. AI Spark Traffic Booster (Value $697): Discover top-secret strategies to drive tons of traffic to your ChatGPT4-powered marketplace and skyrocket your sales.


4. AISpark Internet Marketing Goldmine (Value $997): Learn how to create a profitable online business that generates income while you sleep and scale your results to 6 figures per month.


5. AI Spark Facebook Messenger (Value $997): An AI-driven interactive messaging system that engages with your customers 24/7 within Facebook’s popular messenger, enhancing your marketing efforts.