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  • Best-in-Class Software: We’ve curated a collection of on-demand software that’s designed to elevate your business. From SEO tools to productivity enhancers, we’ve got you covered.
  • ClientFinda: Unlock new clients effortlessly with our commercial license software. Say hello to a growing customer base!
  • CopyBlocks: Need compelling copy? Look no further. CopyBlocks streamlines your writing process, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.
  • GoBuildrr: Explore our exclusive demo and bonuses. GoBuildrr empowers you to build stunning websites without breaking a sweat.
  • AI Spark: Imagine ChatGPT meets WhatsApp Marketplace. That’s AI Spark—your ultimate communication tool.
  • Robin AI: Dive into an in-depth review of the ultimate AI writing assistant. Say goodbye to writer’s block!

Why Whiztech?

  • Income Engine: Ready to boost your online business? Income Engine is your secret weapon.
  • Brainbox ChatGPT Killer: An alternative to ChatGPT? Discover the power of Brainbox.
  • SportSitepro: Create self-updating sports affiliate websites in a flash. Game on!
  • ProfitFunnelz: Explore its features, benefits, and pros. Get ready to optimize your funnels.
  • Mobile Moolah: Make money using your phone. Yes, you read that right!
  • GoProSuite: Unlimited websites, cloud storage, and emails—all in one app. Efficiency at its finest.
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Our unbiased research and crowd-sourced product reviews ensure you make informed decisions. With Whiztech, you’ll get the best ROI on your software investments.

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“Meeting Derrick was a turning point in my online marketing journey. His software recommendations made my online business very easy, and I became profitable in a very short time.”
Emma Hart - Budding Entreprenuer
“I really thank my stars for meeting you guys, most of the things i pay people to do for now, I never knew they could be done with a simple app, and saving a lot more right now. Thank you.”
Sylvanus Brett - Founder, Crest Miners
“In our line, it's way better and easier to sell your products through a trusted third party like Derrick, and the Whiztech team. After my launch, I kept getting conversions, and quite a good number was tracked to my listing on this website.”
Simon Steward - Vendor
“I've always battled with making sales for my digital products. Thanks to Whiztech; those days are well over and i can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work.”
Mark Edwards - Vendor

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